Howlin´King Snake





15th Oktober 2017

Accidently Live

solo project
by Eric Kern

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From Walls to Trenches

23rd of September 2013

From Walls to Trenches

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Also available as CD

The Blues Around Here

23rd of April 2009

The Blues Around here

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On The Bridge To The Blues

March 2008

On The Bridge To The Blues

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December 2006

Hans-Guenther Heck (Drums) and (Guitar) meet the first time for practice. Within a few rehearsals, the two decide to go for more.

January 2007

Hans gets Klaus Waigand to handle the Bass.

May 2007

Due to the blend of music the Band plays, they now call themselves Howlin’ King Snake. The Band performs Rock, Soul and Blues classics. In their first season, Howlin’ King Snake is already playing Festivals in summer and Clubs during the winter.

March 2008

To become more mature, Howlin’ King Snake is recording nine Tracks from their set list in the studio. Producer is Frank Metzner at the Dreamland Studio, nearby Frankfurt/Gemany. The recording session will later be the first album
“On the bridge to the Blues”

September 2008

In the middle of the tour season, Howlin’ King Snake has to go on as a trio. The set list has to be rearranged, and has to be more Blues-Rock modified.

October 2008

Howlin’ King Snake is: Hans-Günther Heck (Drums), Klaus Waigand (Bass) and Eric Kern (Guitar/Vocals).

October 2008

“On the bridge to the Blues” is released worldwide by RE-Musik & Media.

June 2009

The Band is recording their second Studio album “The Blues around here”. Producer again is Frank Metzner at Dreamland Studios. The album contains eleven Originals and one cover song, the Blues classic “Mojo working”.

March 2010

The Band plays concert shows as opening, and main act.

October 2010

“On the bridge to the Blues” is released worldwide by Rainer Kern’s label RE-Musik & Media.

October 2011

Accidently the crewmember Fahri Rexhepe records a concert set. Tour Manager Karl Wagner later points out, that the recording could have the potential for a live album. Muff Mc June takes care of the mastering and the album
“Accidently live” becomes reality.

September 2012

September 2012: The Band’s first live album is released. RE-Musik & Media is handling it.

March 2013

The work on the next studio album “From walls to trenches”, at Frank Metzner’s Dreamland Studio is completed. As guest musicians appear Rainer Kern (Guitar), Ralf Kern (Keys) and Frank Metzner (Piano).

March 2013

RE-Musik & Media releases “From walls to trenches”. After many years of development, albums and many great shows on international stages, Hans Guenther-Heck decides to leave the Band.

January 2014

Klaus and Eric are practicing with their new drummer Peter Mueller, to keep the Blues alive. The lineup now is: Peter Mueller (Drums), Klaus Waigand (Bass/Vocals) and Eric Kern (Guitar/Vocals).

April 2014

The Band appears again on stages across Europe, and is able to perform at a good level in 2014.

August 2015

During a Festival Sow in Brozanky, Czech Republic, a live recording is produced. The set has very exciting moments, the work on the mix will take place during the winter. By spring Howlin’ King Snake is hoping to present the album “Live at Brozanky”.

Juni 2016

Hans-Guenther Heck and Juergen Schaab rejoin the Band.